Episode 11

What will the future hold?

Our kiddos are special. We might be a bit biased. But, we think they are pretty special. Pretty awesome. But, with kiddos as special as ours are; there is a special set of future fears accompanying our journey …

  • How can I teach my son body positivity?

  • When will the first stages of puberty be evident?

  • What if puberty comes sooner than I think?

  • How can I make him strong enough to endure what the world might throw at him?

  • Will he feel lonely - there are not very many people who can relate to exactly how it feels to be trans.

  • Will he be bullied because he is different? Will I be there to soften the blow?

  • Who will out him? When will he be outed?

  • Is remaining stealth an option? Will this isolate him from his community?

  • Worried he might not be accepted for who he is, and try to change himself.

  • Worried he might not share something he is going through with us and keep it inside.

  • Worried about the future of politics and sex education in our country. Will things get worse, before they get better?

  • What if his little brother doesn’t understand?

  • Will the “boy” world harden him?

  • Sleepovers?

  • Middle school?

Like any parent, both Lucy and I have fears about our boys growing up and navigating the world. But through the podcast and starting these conversations we hope to create safer communities for trans people of all ages.

We need society to change in order for our children to grow up safe and happy. And so far we hope that The Gender Diaries podcast is highlighting the need to accept, love and affirm gender diverse people in our communities.

-- Ruby

This week’s episode referenced many groups and great people who are changing the future for transgender athletes including; hockey canada, and gymnastics canada. We also mentioned the influential work of trans care BC, and Trystan Reese.