Episode 2, S2 - Meet Alec

Alec holds a special place in J’s transition story. J and Alec transitioned at the same time and I have been so privileged to be there for both of them. Today it is your turn to meet Alec and we can’t wait!

Content Warning: Hi folks! I just wanted to let you know that this weeks’ episode deals with some mature content including suicidal thoughts, childhood abuse, transphobia and some coarse language. This is probably an episode that you wouldn’t listen to with small children in the background.


Episode 11 - Future Fears

Oh the fears us parents of trans kiddos have are probably as unique as our kiddos themselves. Join us on Episode 11 as we rapid fire our way through all our worries …

  • How can I teach my son body positivity?

  • When will the first stages of puberty be evident?

  • What if puberty comes sooner than I think?

  • How can I make him strong enough to endure what the world might throw at him?

  • Will he be bullied because he is different? Will I be there to soften the blow?

  • Who will out him? When will he be outed?


Episode 10 - School Anxieties

It isn’t our kiddo’s job to explain who they are and how they should be respected. It is ours as their parents. But when it comes to school and all the potential problems that could arise for our children, us mamas have LOTS of anxieties … and so do our kiddos. Episode 10 is a cute and fun story of how we navigate these bumps as parents of transgender children.


Episode 9 - Meet Neve and Nathan

This week we meet two lovely people; an engaged to be married couple Neve & Nathan. They share a bit about their love story with us. According to them, being queer and in a relationship without gendered expectations has its perks! Listen on and educate yourselves my cis and queer friends. Who doesn't love a good love story? 


Episode 8 - What's in a Name?

I heard a saying once that said “a name is a gift given to you when you are born, if at anytime you find that gift no longer fits, you can exchange it no problem” --- and that is essentially true in our situation. Join us this week as we discuss how our children changed their names … and what our reactions were!


Episode 7 - Meet Andrea

This week we had the pleasure of welcoming Andrea to our show, super proud mama bear to her daughter Flower. Andrea sends a message of trust in our kiddos by saying “our kids are just kids. These are just kids. They’re not doing this to get attention or play make believe for years on end. Just take them at face value. When they say that they are a gender. Believe them. Respect them. They deserve it.” We hope you enjoy meeting Andrea!


Episode 5 - Reflections on Parent Talk

Last week Ruby shared her experience as a parent to a young transgender kiddo on another local Podcast called Parent Talk, hear it HERE. This week we discuss the pressure to “get it right” when sending a message of love, acceptance, and affirmative parenting to a new audience. And Lucy pipes in with her answers to the Parent Talk questions. Join us!


Episode 4 - Meet Mack

Mack was kind enough to share his journey in self discovery with us. Navigating a cisgender world as a gender creative kiddo, he has learned so much about where he exists on the spectrum and who he is today as a young man. Guaranteed this story will move you. We are so grateful he was willing to share it with us. 


Episode 3 - Bathroom Buddies

KIDS! They love to go to the bathroom together. Lots goes down in those school bathrooms, and us parents of trans kiddos have all the fears when it comes to bathrooms. Hear it all here in Episode 3.


Episode 2 - The Process of Coming Out

As parents of transgender kiddos, we have shouldered the work for them when it comes to the process of coming out to family and friends. Join us for Episode 2 where we explore the when, where and how we tell people in our lives.