Hi folks! We are the co-creators of The Gender Diaries Podcast, broadcasting out of the Greater Vancouver area. We met online. Our real names are not Ruby & Lucy… and in our podcast we refer to our kiddos using the first letters of their names. Our identities are anonymous because we have chosen to keep our children’s identities private so that they can choose when and how to come out under their own terms in the future.

We are two cisgender women who use the pronouns she/her. Our kiddos are 5 and 8 years old and use the pronouns he/him/his. Check out the PODCAST for available episodes, and the BLOG for more stories.



I’m Ruby, a 33 year old mom of two. The name Ruby was chosen for me by my son who I will refer to in this space as Z. When I had him 5 years ago, I thought I had a girl… I mean, I made a best guess at birth! According to him, we were wrong. And now we are rolling with it. I am here to share my side of the story alongside Lucy. But, Z’s story is his own and I look forward to the day he can tell it.



This is Lucy! I am a 36 year old mom of two. My oldest is an 8 year old transgender boy and my youngest is a 7 year old cisgender boy… as far as I know anyway! I am a strong feminist, and I thought I was raising a super-awesome feminist daughter who rejected gender norms. I was wrong, well at least on the daughter part. I DO have a super-awesome feminist son who rejects gender norms just being himself. And for that I am proud.